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Welcome to Christie's Collage

This homepage started out as my homework for my Web Programming class at Lane Community College in Eugene, Oregon.  Our personal web pages had to be about ourselves, so that's why it's all about me.  Please accept my apologies if you were looking for something more.

I now work for Symantec building web pages for Home & Home Office Support. I love it.

Ponder this:

I have hobbies and interests that I indulge in whenever I can steal a few moments.  Actually, some take precedence, like meditating and sewing Halloween costumes.

image of Christie

Hey, if you're going to buy something from them anyway, you might as well use this link.  It won't cost you more, and I get some spare change.

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Eclectic?  Or just can't make up my mind?  You decide. 

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