Christie's Collage
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        Christie's Collage

        Christmas Edition

        We associate many feelings with it:  Joy, nostalgia, reverence, excitement, anticipation and hope.  We want to give just the right gift, make special cookies, decorate every nook and cranny, sing carols straight from the heart, make a Christmas feast with all the trimmings, gather our loved ones close to us and wrap them in Christmas spirit.

         But Christmas has its downside too:  disappointment, stress, depression, exhaustion, and loneliness.  What if they don't like our gifts?  What if we don't like theirs?  What if we can't get everything done?  What if our loved ones aren't around?  What if nothing turns out like we planned?

         The pitfalls of the holidays can be avoided if you plan, keep your priorities straight, and remember to take care of yourself.  In this website are tips, tools, and fun stuff that I've gathered or created.  I hope they will help you have a Very Merry Christmas.

        Countdown to Christmas

        My Favorite Holiday Cookies

        Holiday Health Tips

        Last updated Friday, September 24, 2004