OBJECTIVE A seasoned programmer with recently updated programming skills seeks a career developing web-based data-driven applications, where she can also write clear procedures and manuals for technical and non-technical audiences alike; possibly one where she can apply her background in paralegal and accounting, and her talent as an artist.
SUMMARY  Analyzed requirements and problems, presented solutions and implementation plans.
Designed, coded, installed, documented and tested software programs (client/server, web-based, diagnostic, application, database, and real-time).  Developed schedules for these efforts and completed them on time.
Coordinated efforts of a team of software engineers.
Performed system administration (UNIX, Linux, WinNT4 Server) and database administration (Oracle7, SQL Server).
Trained technical and support staff in the use of many software tools and desktop programs, and designed custom applications for those tools and programs.
Controlled changes made to software and hardware (configuration management), and recommended groupings of related changes.
Wrote users' manuals, specifications, procedures, reports, and technical meeting notes.
Wrote and conducted system acceptance tests, collected test data, and correlated them with system requirements.

and Applications
Computers and
Operating Systems
Active Server Pages
Cascading Style Sheets
Visual Basic
C Shell Script
X Windows
Sun SparcWorks
MS SQL Server
MS Visual InterDev
MS Visual FoxPro
MS Office Suite
MS Project
MS Management Console
Internet Information Server
FileMaker Pro
Primavera Project Planner
Paint Shop Pro
DEC AlphaServer 1000A
Gateway P5-166 server
Sun SparcStation
SEL mainframe
IBM PC (& clones)
Power Macintosh
Windows 95/98/2000/NT4

7/2002 - 9/2002InfoGroup NWEugene, OR
Web Application Developer
Developing a dynamic data-driven web application for Pacific Continental Bank, using ASP, server-side VBScript, client-side JavaScript, C++ (for a custom component), and Oracle.  This application gives banking customers the ability to view and print their statements online.  View eStatements

6/2001 - 10/2001Netcorps.orgEugene, OR
Web Application Developer
Developed dynamic data-driven web sites, using ASP, SQL Server, server- and client-side JavaScript (JScript), and server- and client-side VBScript.  Wrote procedures for technical staff and end users.  Participated in management of databases and web services.

8/2000 - 1/20011Shoppingcart.comEugene, OR
Computer Programmer/Analyst
Maintained and developed data-driven Active Server Pages web site.  Managed SQL Server database.  Provided customer support for more technical problems.  Administered web-hosting servers using Internet Information Server, domain name services, and email services.  Monitored web server performance and repaired/enhanced Visual Basic daemons.

10/1997 - 10/1999Sverdrup Naval Systems GroupRidgecrest, CA
Computer Programmer/Analyst
Developed and managed a client/server project information system, comprising an Oracle7 database back end, with local and remote financial data, and a Visual FoxPro application front end, which is deployed on Macintosh and Windows platforms.  Provided training, customer support, software & hardware troubleshooting, and database and UNIX/Linux administration.

7/1995 - 4/1996Program Control Corp.
(no longer in business)
Ridgecrest, CA
Computer Programmer/Analyst
Developed and managed a project tracking system using Primavera Project Planner and a 4th Dimension database, deployed on Macintosh and Windows platforms via a Novell LAN.  Provided training and support to end users and project managers.

7/1981 - 5/1995Loral Space & Range Systems (now Lockheed-Martin)Ridgecrest, CA
Sr. Software Engineer
Developed applications in FORTRAN, and later in C, for a real-time multi-platform client/server system.  The system included SEL mainframes and Sun SPARCstations, with PCs used as dumb terminals.  Designed the user interface for the entire system.  Lead a team of engineers for the development of the real-time graphic displays and background range-test set-up applications.  Development followed military standards and used a structured approach to design and programming techniques.  Trained others in the use of procedures and software applications.  Wrote interim and final system test procedures, user manuals, and the descriptive overview of the system for the system specification and the product brochures.

6/2001Lane Community CollegeEugene, OR
 Some College Coursework Completed
Took the core courses for an Associate Degree in Computer Programming.  Maintained a 4.0 GPA.  View Transcript.  My final project in Java was kept by my instructor as an example of exceptional work.  I was selected to attend the CIT Advisory Board as the Student Representative.

7/1999Learning Tree InternationalLos Angeles, CA
Oracle7 Introduction, Oracle7 for Database Administrators, UNIX Work-station Administration, and UNIX Server Administration.

10/1979Control Data InstituteSan Francisco, CA
Completed an intensive, individualized course (650 hours) in computer programming and operations.  Graduated in the top 10% of my class.

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9/2002InfoGroup NW: Outstanding Performance Award 
View nomination
5/2001Appointed Student Representative to the Lane Community College Computer & Information Technology Advisory Board
9/1998Sverdrup: Outstanding Performance Award
7/1993-6/1995Who's Who Registries of Global Business Leaders
6/1985Ford Aerospace: Award of Merit for Outstanding Achievement
ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONExcerpt from Letter of Recommendation from Steven M. Davis:
"I hired her to maintain a department-wide Management Information System for a government client; a project, which at that time, was in trouble.  Christie quickly came up to speed by learning a number of new technologies and by quickly gaining the trust of our client.  When the project encountered setbacks, I promoted her into the role of system developer.  She mastered the skills necessary for the job, kept me well informed of her progress, regained customer's confidence in us, and got the project back on schedule."

Excerpt from Letter of Recommendation from NetCorps:
 She made significant improvements to our fairly complicated, proprietary web content management tool suite.
 She interacts well with fellow developers, bringing insight from a long history of software development.
 Writes code that is highly functional, modularized and well documented.
 She can write clearly and contributed to many well-done specifications, procedures, code documentation and end user documents.
 She relentlessly pursues bugs, striving for excellence in her work.
 She is self-motivated -- exploring and researching as needed to finish the job.
 She is an avid learner who is open and ready to try new things.
 She works with the big picture in mind - always thinking about improvements.

Desired Job Type:Employee, Intern, Temporary/Contract/Project
Desired Status:Full-Time, Part-Time
Career Level:Mid Career
Date of Availability:2 weeks after accepting offer
Company Size:No Preference
Category:Computers, Software, Web Development
Range:Within 25 miles of Eugene, OR
United States:Authorized to work in this country for any employer.
 Last updated: Thursday, October 24, 2002
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