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List of Certificates
Christine L. Stacker
July 1999
UNIX Server Administration Learning Tree International
March 1999
Oracle7 for Database Administrators Learning Tree International
February 1999
Oracle7: A Comprehensive Hands-On Introduction Learning Tree International
January 1999
UNIX Workstation Administration Learning Tree International
August 1994
SPARCWorks Programming Sun Microsystems
February 1994 Real-Time Structured Analysis Loral Software Productivity Lab.
September 1993 Software Configuration Management Arizona State University
March 1993 How to Successfully Control and Manage Software Softool Corporation
January 1993 Software Configuration Management Strategies Softool Corporation
June 1990 Advanced C Programming Career Development Institute
January 1986 Software Development Process Overview Loral Software Productivity Lab.
December 1985 Introduction to FORTRAN 77+ Gould, Inc., Computer Systems Div.
April 1982 Software Engineering for Micro & Minicomputer Systems Integrated Computer Systems
June 1981 S105 ECLIPSE Assembler Data General
March 1981 System Identification C100/C101 Calma of Sunnyvale
December 1980 Computer Programming Control Data Institute