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November 10, 1999

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Christie Stacker

To whom it may concern:

Christie Stacker worked for me for approximately 18 months while I directed the Management Support Services Department at Sverdrup Technology. I hired her to maintain a department-wide Management Information System for a government client; a project, which at that time, was in trouble. Christie quickly came up to speed by learning a number of new technologies and by quickly gaining the trust of our client. When the project encountered setbacks, I promoted her into the role of system developer. She mastered the skills necessary for the job, kept me well informed of her progress, regained customer's confidence in us, and got the project back on schedule. I must say, at this juncture, I was very grateful to have Christie on my staff!

To summarize her skills, Christie has a warm, friendly, and professional attitude that nicely complements her abilities as a programmer. This rare combination of skills and qualities make her a significant asset, and at times, a lifesaver, during the project I just described. As many programmers are less than “user friendly,” Christie's solid communication skills enable her to clearly understand and translate end-user requirements—a real key to finishing design tasks on schedule and within budget.

I sincerely recommend Christie for any position requiring the above skills, as the level of her commitment to excellence and to the team is rare indeed.


Steven M. Davis