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Directions to The Stacker's

Part of Centennial is now MLK Blvd

From South of Centennial:  Come over Ferry St. bridge, and take the Autzen Stadium exit.  It puts you directly on Centennial.

From North of Centennial:  Going south on Coburg, at the Oakway Rd. light, bear slightly right to Southwood Ln.  Turn left at the next light into the right-most lane.  Proceed toward Centennial (Autzen Stadium) staying in the right-most lane.  This will become a right-turn only lane, directing you onto Centennial.

Chase Village ClubhouseOnce on Centennial:  Proceed to the light at Kinsrow, where you will turn East.  (If you are coming from Autzen Stadium, that's a left turn.)  Turn right at first driveway.  Continue to 3-way stop.  Depending on your destination, turn left towards the Clubhouse, or go straight towards Apt. 217.

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Location of Chase Village

map to Chase Village

Location of Our Apartment and Clubhouse

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