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Holiday Health Tips

I am a confessed "recovering perfectionist".  I've learned several strategies that have kept my type A tendencies to a manageable level.  Perfectionist are prone to be very hard on themselves and critical of the results of their efforts.  This can be amplified during the Christmas season by our expectations, which can take its toll on our health.  This is my recipe for keeping well and happy. 

Meditationmini vacations
St. John's Wort*so you won't sweat the small stuff
Echinacea*ward off evil viruses
Ginko Biloba*to keep you sharp
Ginseng*avoid that run-down feeling
Hugs & Kissescan't get too many of those (unless they're Hershey's)
Laughter"Research has shown that laughter increases the secretion of the natural chemicals, catecholamines and endorphins, that make people feel peppy and good. It also decreases cortisol secretion and lowers the sedimentation value, which implies a stimulated immune response." - Patch Adams

*Please check with your health care provider before taking any herbal remedies.