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Pooh and Friends

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Paul already had Winnie the Pooh.  Pooh became his mascot after he read The Tao of Pooh.  Then he kept getting so many Winnie the Pooh things that he got tired of it.  That is until he saw these in a department store during Christmas shopping.  When I got the other Hundred Acre Wood characters home, I could'nt find a good box that would hold all of them.  Deanna had a brilliant idea: put Piglet in the tree, put a slip of paper with a clue in the box, and send Paul on a treasure hunt.  Below are the clues that Deanna made and where they took him.
This was in the box.
This should have been in Paul's Complete Pooh, but it was in a book on top of the bookshelf.
This was in the Santa cookie jar.
This was up in the Christmas tree in Piglet's hand.
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